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Could executive coaching help you?

Perhaps your first question is “why would I need one?”

You have a successful career. You’re in a senior role. Why would you consider a coach? Ask any top athlete. Even the champions have coaches – to help them adapt to changing circumstances, so they can play better and feel better. It’s not about fixing something broken. It’s about mastery.

Could executive coaching help you?

  1. Do you spend too much time “in the weeds” – working at a level of detail that should really be delegated to others?
  2. Could a “sounding board” help you make better strategic and operational decisions?
  3. Do you wish you had more time for the higher-level, more strategic elements of your job?
  4. Would you like to develop your people to become more engaged, self-sufficient and productive?
  5. Do you sometimes feel overloaded by all the people and tasks competing for your attention?
  6. Could you benefit from more direct and honest feedback?
  7. Do you sometimes miss the days when you could just kick around ideas with your peers?
  8. Is there an element of your management style that might be interfering with further success?
  9. Do you want a better balance between work and personal life?
  10. Are you open to feedback and positive change?

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