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Michael Stern Associates’ Executive Coaching Practice is a natural outgrowth of more than 25 years’ experience in executive search and Michael‘s background in counseling psychology.

Specializing in leadership development, performance optimization, transition issues and advancement of “hi-potentials”, we help executives adjust to new positions and challenges, overcome obstacles, build on their strengths and become better leaders.

With our earlier experience in executive search - which demands a thorough understanding of the attributes that make leaders successful - we can help any executive become more focused and effective.

Over the years, we have advised some of North America’s most talented executives on optimizing their organizational contribution, career management, attaining work/life balance, and more. We are proud of the role we have played in helping new and experienced executives become more effective leaders, communicators and decision-makers.

Why Executive Coaching Works

Success comes with a paradox: the higher you rise in an organization, the harder it is to find direct and honest feedback. In other words, as your decisions become more important – as the stakes get higher and more people are watching – it becomes harder to tap candid sources of feedback and information.

A skilled business coach can fill this gap by providing candid, objective counsel, in a safe, confidential environment.  The coach is someone to talk to - someone who knows how to listen, when to challenge, and when to simply “hold up a mirror” and help the executives assess for themselves how effectively they are moving towards their goals.